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Version 1.1 Updates : Download : Includes CSP, TGAs for those who want a certain one, Textures, Code File and Code List as well, Version History .txt and a short Readme. Oh, and the Strap Loader and “4 Ways To Play”, NOT featured in this video, but rather the ones my 1.1 video. So I tried my hand at modding Brawl, and I’m very very happy with the results. WHAT I DID DO: – Take pictures of every character on Pictochat (except Shadow and default Nintendo colors), use Photoshop to crop and edit them, then turn them into acceptable .tgas. I did all of this myself without using .tga’s that other people created. Yes. It took like 30 hours. – Compiled my favorite textures of every character except G&W from around the internet. – Edited code to create my Custom CSS (Character Select Screen). WHAT I DIDN’T DO – Create the textures themselves. These magnificent works of art were done by skilled and innovative artists from Stack Smash, Kitty Corp, Meow Mix, and other smaller individual developers. – Create Gecko, Ocarina, CSS, etc, code. I did edit some of the CSS code to arrange the icons to my liking, so I do take credit for the design, but not the code itself. – Create anything related to the stage. SPECIAL THANKS – Phantom Wings – for making textures able to be loaded off of the SD Card, among other things. Serious props, thanks a lot. – spunit262 – for making a character select screen I used as a base for mine. – Kitty Corps and Meow Mix – for

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